The novelists of 1993 had it easy… How will today’s writers publish their work?

I’m always interested in articles about the industry. It’s obviously a time of great flux in publishing, and it’s good to assimilate as much information as possible.  Opportunities for conventional publication are becoming fewer, even as new modes are developed. None of it changes my urge to write, nor my hope that people will read and enjoy my work. Stories are stories.

The most amusing thing about this article is the thought that, in another decade, I’ll be 43, which makes me too old to be a ‘young’ novelist. That doesn’t trouble me too much. In ten years’ time, I’d be perfectly happy being a 43-year-old novelist.



  1. iainmaloney

    I had the same thought: wow, the next time they do this I’ll be too old. Then I realised that age is irrelevant to good writing. After that I realised some of the writers that have been included (over the decades) aren’t that good (mentioning no names). Then I noticed that actually 10 years from now you’ll be 42.

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