Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

I’m not mad on book trailers (though I have made one of my own for an Ether Books competition), but this is hypnotic – and makes me want to read the story.

Have book trailers turned a corner? They are still a nascent medium, but this certainly sets the bar pretty high…



    • simonsylvester

      It’s the first book trailer I’ve seen that’s made me want to read the book. Be interesting to see how they continue to develop over the next few years…

      • C.B. McCullough

        I think it’s doable, as long as developers don’t try to do TOO much. Reading is meant to take place in the imagination, after all.
        I found your post because I was doing a little studying in the creation of my own… Just posted it on my blog. Guess we’ll see how it goes.

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