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Dare is my second collection of flash fiction. From a poisonous thirteen words to a thoughtful thousand, these twenty-two stories are about the things we dare to do, the things we’d never dare to, and what we might dare to believe.

Step inside to find lost dogs, swim in drowned villages and stalk abandoned cathedrals. There are stuffed bears, bad dreams and postcards – graffiti, ghost trains and golems – surfing, foxes, and the end of the world.

About half have been published by amazing people like Matchbook, Valve, Southpaw, Flashflood Journal, Twisted Tales, National Flash Fiction Day, 1000 Words and Paragraph Planet. The rest are new and waiting for you.

Yes, you.

I have printed one hundred copies of Dare. As with Marrow, there will be no reprints, so if you’d like one, please click here while you can:

Buy Now Button
Dare costs £6.20, including UK P&P. If you’d prefer to pick one up in person, the book alone is £5.




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