These links will bring you to the doors of gnarly writers, bodacious magazines and other totally tubular dudes.

Pinterest – a range of boards for my novels, short stories and research

Monica Metsers – breathtaking, mind-warping fine art

Susan Armstrong – my amazing agent at Conville & Walsh

Rich Sylvester – my uncle Rich: storyteller, workshop leader, landscape interpreter and walk guide

New Writing Cumbria – rounding up and hounding down all things word-based in my neck of the woods

Ali Shaw – award-winning author of The Girl With Glass Feet and The Man Who Rained

Iain Maloney – fiction and poems from Scotland via Japan

Kirstin Innes – writer, journalist, eagle-eyed culture commentator

Alan Bissett – outrageously talented playwright, novelist, poet and performer

Anneliese Mackintosh – editor and award-winning short story writer

Kirsty Logan – editor and writer of punk fairytales

Gutter – the magazine of new Scottish writing from award-winning Freight Books

Fractured West – genre-busting flash fiction journal

Cargo Publishing – young Turks of Scottish literary scene – and publishers of my flash fiction collection 140 Characters

Seven Seals – mind-bending synth-punk sedition (including free downloads)

Kevin James Hadley – heart-breaking misty-eyed singer-songwriter

Dan Haywood’s New Hawks – madcap nu-folk maestros

Goldmundo Richard Turner – electronica, guitars and haikus

Peter J Gillies – artist working with everything from spray paint to stained glass


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