The Hollows

There be witches…



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  3. Stan

    Hello I really enjoyed “The Visitors.” Could you place me on your e-mail list when you complete “The Hollows,” and when it’s available for purchase? Thank you.

    • simonsylvester

      Thank you very much, Stan. I’ve almost finished my third major draft of The Hollows. If I’m lucky, it’ll find a home somewhere, and I’ll find a way to let you know. I’m glad you enjoyed The Visitors!

  4. Tarek

    Hi Simon

    My daughter bought me The Visitors for Christmas and when I first saw it I thought ‘ok that might pass a few hours’ as the description on the back made me think it was another run of the mill crime novel.

    Anyway I eventually picked it up on Wednesday as I was on a train and finished it by Thursday morning! Loved it! Looking forward now to your second novel.Good luck with it and future books!

    • simonsylvester

      Thank you very much, Tarek! Still hard at work on the second — if it ever sees daylight, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as The Visitors. Thanks for letting me know!

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